RMR-X8T Sprayer Tip / Gray - use less product


  • 60 PSI
  • Spray Angle 77°
  • Max Throw - 38ft



Use Less with RMR-X8T Sprayer Tip / Gray

Replacement sprayer tip for the RMR Bucket Sprayer Wand. This Tip is much more efficient and will use on average 25% less solution. Simply remove the orange tip that came with your RMR Bucket Sprayer wand and replace it with the new RMR-X8T gray tip. Great news is now you'll cut done your chemical cost per job.

We carry 2 Types of spray tips - Orange RMR-X18T / Standard GPM    or   Gray RMR-X8T /  Will use on average 25% Less GPM ( Gallons Per Minute )