RMR ULV Fogger w/ Flex-Hose

  • Adjustable Flow
  • Flexible Hose
  • 5 - 50 Micron Cold Fogger
  • Penetrates Porous Surfaces
  • Faster Diffusion
  • Constructed to Last
  • Works with RMR-141RTU & RMR Odor-X Pro

The 1 Gallon RMR ULV Cold Fogger comes with an Adjustable Flow and Flex-Hose that is designed to be picked up and carried around for manual, directed spraying. The RMR Fogger is a genuine cold fogger, producing a 5-50 micron fog that diffuses faster, penetrates better into all surfaces. Works best when used with RMR-141 RTU, RMR PRO-Xtreme Odor, or RMR Botanical.

Functional and portable design. The bottom of the unit is a generously-sized, detachable solution tank with an easy-fill valve and a capacity scale. The top of the unit is molded into a grip handle so you can take your fogger anywhere.

Built to last. The unit's vortex nozzle is designed to be clog-resistant. The solution tank is made from rugged, chemical-resistant polyurethane.

Designed to work with RMR-141 RTU, RMR PRO-Xtreme Odor, & RMR Botanical. RMR ULC Cold Fogger also works with water and oil-based pesticides, disinfectants, deodorants, and fogging agents.

Technical Specifications 
Type water- and oil-based
Droplet size 5-50 micron
Flow rate 0.0-7.0 gal/hr
Spray distance 15 ft
Capacity 1.1 gal
Flex-hose 18 in
Power 110 volt
Electric motor 1200 W
Weight (empty) 6.4 lb
Weight (shipping) 7.9 lb
Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.8 x 7.9 x 18.5 in