RMR-86® Mold Stain Remover

  • No scrub brush or sanding needed
  • Superior mold stain removal efficacy
  • Easy to use: simply spray on surface
  • Works on most surfaces, porous or hard surfaces

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  • Industries Best Mold Stain Remover RMR-86®

    RMR-86® is the revolutionary new mold stain remover that is cutting labor time and costs in half for contractors across the country. Your work is now done in seconds! Simply spray it on with a standard sprayer on any hard surfaces and watch; the mold stains are gone within 15 seconds. Simple and Quick! It's our powerful bleach-based patent pending formula. No more time consuming sanding and scrub brushing. We recommend using last RMR Botanical cleaner to treat all surfaces after RMR-86 has been applied. It's an excellent odor neutralizer treatment & masking agent to remove any left over odor from RMR-86. RMR-86® has superior penetration into porous surfaces such as Wood, Concrete, Drywall, Tile & Grout, Fiberglass, Vinyl and More. Works great all around your Home. It's amazing on Boats too. This product has a shelf life of 10 months or more.